Lake Bridgeport Sand Bass Run

The joy of springtime is here again. The weather is warming up after the cold dreary winter and best of all the fishing season is starting.

The Lake Bridgeport sand bass run is also starting and all avid anglers are now gearing up with their rods and lures for another successful catch in the annual sand bass migration in the rivers and creeks that feed the lake.

Read on to find out what you need and where to catch the most fish this spring!

When Does the Sand Bass Run Start?

The annual migration of sand bass, also known as white bass, on Lake Bridgeport begins in February and extends up to April.

At this time the bass are abundantly available in the rivers, streams, and creeks that feed into Lake Bridgeport. The sand bass from Lake Bridgeport begin their annual spawning run from the cold waters of the lake where they been wintering in early February to the warmer sunny rivers and streams that feed into the lake.

The smaller males typically lead the way as they gather in large schools in river bends and deeper holes. When the larger females start showing up as the spring weather warms up, catch rates start increasing significantly. The activities begin winding up in April when the remaining fish swim back downstream into the lake.

Where Do You Go to Fish the Sand Bass Run?

So, what are the best places to fish the sand bass run around Lake Bridgeport?

As the spring weather warms up, white bass migrate from their wintering habitats in the deep waters of the lake to the shallow flats where they lay their eggs.

They follow a similar migration pattern so it is quite easy to know where to get the best catch. The best places to fish the sand bass run is therefore the rivers, streams, and creeks feeding into the lake.

The white bass migration routes can be a few yards from the lake or miles upriver. The good news is that there are many ways to get access to the fishing spots from the road or park.

What Lures Should You use for the Sand Bass Run?

You can fish the Lake Bridgeport sand bass run from the bank or wade into the upper reaches of the creek or river but your success will depend on the type of lures you use.

Some of the best bass lures that you can use include spoons, roadrunners, rooster tails, white swimbaits, and crappie jigs.

Any of these lures will definitely get you a couple of bites as the fish are plenty at this time of the year.

What Gear Should You Pack for Creek Fishing?

For the best fishing experience, make sure to pack the following things:

  • A good medium action 6-foot rod
  • Some of the lures mentioned above in a safe box
  • Wear safe waterproof boots
  • A bottle of clean drinking water
  • A couple of stringers to carry your fish
  • Flashlight and headlamp for early morning and evening fishing
  • Pair of pliers to get you out of those tough situations when your line gets stuck
  • A 50-foot paracord for overhead fishing
  • A fishing backpack to store your stuff

If you are still undecided on where to spend quality outdoor time this spring, consider fishing in the Lake Bridgeport sand bass run.

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